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Single-Wide Mobile Homes in Minnesota

The founder of Friendship Homes of Minnesota Inc. was a man with foresight into housing of the future. James F. Shea, Sr., started Fairmont Homes in 1971, which successfully grew into several companies, including Friendship. He emphasized appeal, diversity and value in the houses his company built. This is why Greenfield Homes Inc. became and remains a dealer for Friendship.

Single Wide in North Dakota

This is not your grandmother's trailer! Greenfield Homes provides single-wide mobile homes that bring beauty, individuality, and affordability to home buying. We understand that you want as much house as you can get for your money. We, as well as our supplier, Friendship Homes of Minnesota Inc. are here to provide you with value.

Friendship Single-Wide Trailers in North Dakota

Add technology and lots of choices to the mix for customizing single-wide mobile homes that provide lots of space, amenities and options, along with cost effectiveness. That is what Greenfield Homes, a mobile and manufactured homes dealer in North Dakota has to offer you.

Mobile Home, Single-Wide Mobile Homes in ND

Trailer Models in South Dakota

Talk to our owners about the requirements and budget you have for your new home. We are here to help with information and financing. For example, 1 of our models offers you as much as1,540 square feet of space with 3 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. It even has an attached garage. Another model gives your cozy comfort with 1,165 square feet for 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This trailer offers lots of windows with decorative shutters.

Single-Wide Mobile Homes in Minnesota

Single-Wide Trailer Homes in North Dakota

Cost consciousness does not mean low quality. It means finding the best value for your hard-earned dollars. This is why many people choose single-wide mobile homes over conventional homes. You receive the same benefits, but the cost is much less, not only for the home itself, but for utilities and taxes, as well.

The saying, "Less is more," applies to the expense and upkeep of a single wide. It just does not cost as much to maintain a trailer as it does a conventional house. In addition, you do not have all that extra space that often is cluttered with items for storage.

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